What’s the best way to learn how to snowboard?

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Your longboard to snowboard is not enough when it comes to learning! It is important to keep in mind that snowboarding is one of the hardest sports to learn – but not impossible! This is addictive, fun and very stylish to say the least! In order for you to learn how to snowboard there are a few steps that should be followed – previously, during and afterwards! Ensure you do it right from the very beginning, read these tips and have the whole process go flawlessly!

• Before you begin throwing yourself and your skates on the snow it is essential that you dress accordingly. Snowboarding usually happens while temperatures are below zero, so make sure you are warm enough not to undergo any risks. Keep warm and also invest in high quality safety gear, this can save your life!

Make sure everything fits correctly – if you have the right equipment but it does not fit then make sure you change it immediately! It is never safe to learn how to snowboard with unfitting items that might compromise your performance.

A stomp pad can help – stomp pads are great friends when you are still getting used to your board. This will give you a nice help when your feet is still looking for the board. These are easy to use and not expensive at all.

Choose the right board for you – There are several different types, brands, styles and colors for you to choose. Although the style is important, what comes first is the right board for your weight and height. Your board should be as tall as your chin or nose. Shorter and bigger will make everything much harder for you.

The board’s width is also important – Your board should be as wide as your foot. Not smaller, not bigger.

You do not need a professional board to begin – Of course boards come in all styles, sizes and prices. Although some people tend to believe that the most expensive boards are the best for learning it is not true. If you would like to save money while learning, no problem! You can buy a light used board and learn just as fast!

Choose your lead foot – when snowboarding you will need to choose a fix lead foot that will help you with balance. You can easily learn which foot works better for you by asking your friend to push you while you stand. Whichever foot you step first is your lead foot.

seth hill2

Make sure you always have someone with you – when you have everything settled and you are ready for the mountains it is essential that you do not go alone. This sport can hurt and if you are alone chances are you freeze to death. Always have someone beside you, at all times. This is the best way to ensure that you will be safe and in case anything goes wrong you will have immediate help. If you keep such tips in mind snowboarding will be even more fun – and even safer!

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