Tips on Finding the Right Snowboarding Clothing


Snowboarding clothing is one of the most important things when you are out buying snowboarding equipment. Without the right clothing, you will be miserable, and end up either going home, or spending most of your winter snowboarding trip in the lodge instead of enjoying time on the slopes. While many people think that thermal underwear is enough, buying the right snowboarding clothing is just as important.

Snowboarding clothing is an important part of snowboarding equipment, and should be on the top of your list of considerations. There are many different brands, and sometimes it can be confusing when trying to determine which the best is. When picking out your jacket, what is important is that it is made from high quality materials, and that the seams and zippers are double stitched so your jacket will last a long time. You want to find one that keeps both water and wind at bay, is easy to move around in, and has enough room for layering your under clothes. You should also pick a ski jacket that has some kind of removable liner, to add or take away from your layering.

Another big part of snowboarding clothing is choosing the right hat, because this is where you will lose most of your body heat, especially if you are an early morning snowboarder. You want one that is made from fleece or some other similar material. This will keep your head warm, but is breathable. You don’t want something that is going to cover your whole face, because you will add moisture every time you breathe into it. This will freeze up, cause your goggles to fog up and also restrict your ability to see.

Part of your warmth when picking snowboarding clothes is in layering. It is good to have a base layer of snowboarding clothing that is made from a material that will draw your sweat away from your body. Some kind of silk or knitted fleece is good for this. The next layer should also be of some light weight material, which is going to be your main form of insulation.

Gloves are also an important part of snowboarding clothes, and these should be waterproof and fit loosely enough to make sure you have enough circulation in your hands, but also tight enough that you can grip your poles securely. You should also get some waterproof snowboarding pants, or bib overalls, in order to make sure that your legs stay warm and dry. You should have a good pair of ski socks, ones that are snug and warm, but also allow for blood flow to your toes. They should be made from a material that draws away moisture, so your feet won’t sweat and then turn to ice.


There are many different resources to help you find the right snowboarding clothing. You can get online and check many different websites as there are many snowboarding apparel sites available. It may be a good idea to start with one of your local ski shops first, since they will have a variety of different products and brands all in one location. Since the sales people will probably be snowboarders themselves, they will be able to answer all your questions and give you some really good advice.

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