How to Fit Snowboard Boots

Ski Boot Fitting

Choosing the right boots to snowboard can be quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner. Although some people make some small mistakes sometimes, it is possible to buy the perfect boots right away. In order for you to find the right set for you it is important that you understand a few things first. Keep on reading and learn how to buy the perfect snowboarding boots for you!

The right fit – Although this might seem obvious for any pair of shoes it is especially true when we are talking about snowboard shoes. The boots should fit you comfortably – not any bigger, not any smaller. Most boots seem quite tight when brand new. Time will make your boots feel the right way.

How flexible is your boot? – This is very important to know. The snowboard boots come with different levels of flexibility, some are stiff and others are quite flexible. Softer boots are the best option for those who are beginning and also for females. Men who are used to the sport usually prefer stiff for better balance.

Lacing – There are different kinds of lacing. The traditional lacing is the easiest option for those who want to easily adjust their boots as they go. This is also very good for those who break laces often, after all the laces can be changed quite easily in case of breaking. Now, the quick pull lacing has different lacing systems for the ankle region and the forefoot. This is a nice option for professionals. There are other types of lacing, but they are more common among professionals.

Foot beds – Some people find snowboard boots quite uncomfortable. This is especially true for those who are using brand new boots. Such pain can be reduced if the person purchases foot beds. There is no problem to wear such items as they will not compromise user’s overall performance.

Socks – Although this might seem like just a detail it is not. It is very important to buy proper snowboarding socks that are made of synthetic materials and that keep moisture away. Socks are not expense and are very important!

Some common mistakes!

• Make sure you do not spend all your time looking for the best board! Although the board is important there are other things that you should also worry about. Spending hundreds on a board is not necessary.

• You should never buy boots that are bigger and that seem to be more comfortable. These boots are supposed to be snug. They will get looser with time. If you buy bigger boost they will become too big after a while and you will need to buy brand new ones fast.

Ski Boot Fitting

• Taking advice from friends regarding board and boot sizes. Of course your friends are trying to be nice, however sometimes what is good for them is not the best for you. It is important for you to find the right boots for you according to your foot size, and not someone else’s. It is also important to buy a board that is good for your size and weight.

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