Getting Ready to Snowboard: A List of the Essential Items You’ll Need


Snowboarding is not a sport that can be done without any safety equipment. Although it might seem like something simple, however it is not. Every year dozens of people all over the world die because of their lack of safety while skateboarding. There is much more than the skate board to worry about. It is necessary to consider several other expenses other than the board itself. People need to have the right clothing, the right board and also the right safety equipment. The sport can only be done when the person has these three items in check!

Keep on reading and find out more regarding the essential items every snow lover should have in order to snowboard.

The right snowboard – It is a must to have the right snowboard before you begin. Although some people tend to borrow boards while learning this is not correct. Every board should perfectly fit its rider. Boards should be compatible with height, foot width and weight. The right board when standing tall should reach the chin or nose of the person. If yours is smaller or even taller then make sure you change it right away.

The snowboard clothing – Special pants and a jacket will not do. There are specific items that should be part of a snowboarder’s backpack. The very first thing to wear is the long underwear, with shirt and pants. It is important to assure that such vest is not made of cotton. Then you will need to wear gloves or mittens. You can wear a turtleneck if you are too cold. Apart from that you should add the proper snowboarding pants, jackets, socks and also boots. Make sure your clothes will keep you warm and that no water will get through them.

The right gear – It is essential to always have the proper gear. The basic items every single snowboarder should carry are the proper snowboard, snowboard boots, backpack or even duffel bag to accommodate all equipment, goggles, sturdy helmet and fitting writs bands.

Accessories – There are some essential accessories that every snowboarder should carry on their backpacks. One of them is the old lip balm. This is a needed item for both males and females, after all the weather can get pretty rough, especially on the lips. You can also carry Sunscreen so your skin will not get dry or even burned because of the cold. Apart from these two items you can also carry a bandana to wipe your goggles clean.


Make sure you invest in high quality items, after all it is your safety! Of course you do not need to have super professional snowboards and helmets, however make sure you do not buy the cheapest item on the store. It is very important to pay attention to the items you carry and wear, after all, using lower quality items can get you severely injured. Snowboarding should be fun and safe, and not a sport that people only get hurt!

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