Best Longboard – What are the Top Best Longboards?


When you look for a longboard you are certainly searching for the best one right?! Well, sometimes finding the best longboard is a matter of taste, however there are some items that you can have as a reference. There are certain longboards skateboard that will certainly add up to your collection! Get to know them in this article! Happy shopping for the best longboards! Here is a small list of the top longboards available in the market today.

Sector 9, Lookout! – This model is the perfect board for all levels. For a very competitive price, this model has been gaining space in the market thanks to its quality and obviously lower price. This brand worries about quality and style, therefore they have amazing printings on their skate boards.

Atom Pintail – A great quality board for those who struggle with balance. This is a great model for those who are still learning or that would simply like to have a “helping hand” while trying to keep balanced. The model is beautiful, sturdy and is also sold for a very nice price.

Quest super Cruiser – This is a board that is perfect for those who love fine designs. This is a very famous brand worldwide thanks to its modern design and very competitive price. Every professional skater has already touched one of these babies.

Now that you already know some of the best brands and models out there in the market, it is time you learn a couple things regarding the quality of the materials used to produce the boards! Are you ready?

The top three materials that make the best boards are maple, bamboo and carbon fiber. Maple is the most common material because it is sturdy and lasts for a long time. Some boards have the addition of bamboo to its composition in order to enhance the general flexibility of the board. Now most professional skaters would rather have their boards made out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber boards are more expensive hence the fact that they are sturdy, light and very easy to handle.

Wheel shape and size

Not all wheels are the same. Wheels with lips are much better for those who would like to be more accurate. Not, if you want to speed and go much faster the flat wheels are the best option for you. It is also important to pay attention when it comes to the diameter of the wheels. Larger wheels are much better for those who would like to speed. The “smaller” ones are better for those who prefer to simply ride, with no specific purposes.


It is very important to know exactly what you would like to do with your board before you actually purchase one. Sometimes the board your friends prefer might not be the best option for your needs. It is essential to research and to know more about the longboard brands before you make any purchase. Keep these tips on mind and buy the best board possible!

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