10 Top Best Skaters of All Time


It is very nice to have famous skaters to look up to. There are some guys that became true legends when it comes to skating. These skaters are great, especially when it comes to showing new skaters that it is always possible to become a star. These guys are great examples! Let’s know more about the top 10 best skaters of all time! You will certainly love to watch them!

  • Tony Hawk – perhaps the most famous name in skating today (and for the last decade). Tony Hawk has retired over 10 years ago, however as soon as he retired a great video game was released. The game has brought the skating world up and since then has been making the sport even more famous. Tony Hawk has also accomplished the 360 trick, which no one else was able to beat yet.
  • Rodney Mullen – Another very famous name among pro skaters. Rodney is used to recording videos where he shoes his abilities on the street. He knows no boundaries.
  • Bob Burnquist – Specialist in skateboard verts, Bob has won award after award. He is also very famous because over the last decade he keeps on exceeding people’s expectations. He is far from retiring.
  • Daewon Song – He shows that technicalities of great street skateboarding. You will be able to see him doing his best while on the street! Although he never participates of the skating X games, this skate lover is bound to remain on the skate parades for years yet.
  • Elissa Steamer – The pro skater in the girl’s world. Winner of over dozens of contents all over the world. This lady came to show that skating is also a great thing for women. She has been part of the Tony Hawk games for years and between 2004 and 2005 she was the only females to be part of it. She has been showing her talent since 1999 and has no plans to stop.
  • Jamie Thomas – Skater, Christian and also designer on his skating businesses, Jamie Thomas has been showing his talents and selling his products. He is a very famous name among the industry.
  • P- Rod – P-Rod or Paul Rodriguez Jr. is a well known name in the skateboarding world. He is professional, was sponsored by worldwide famous company Nike and is also an actor. He is very charismatic.
  • Ryan Sheckler–Young and full of awards, this is what best describes this guy. He has won award after award, being loved by some and hated by others. He is also a very common face among skateboarding advertisement.
  • Rob Dyrdek – He knows how to present his videos. He was one of the first skaters to release really professional looking videos. His charisma and façade have helped him achieve even higher places among skateboard lovers. He has a very nice talent for the show biz as well. Today he has a TV show and has also been featured in some famous video games.
  • Danny Way – He loves stunts! He is the real trick guy from the skateboard world. Although he has already went through several surgeries he has won several awards.


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