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Skateboards for Young New Skaters


Skateboarding is a great activity for young people, as well as people of all ages.  However, if you are just starting out, there are some things that you should think about before you purchase your first skateboard. For example, you should be aware of just how physically demanding it is to skateboard; make sure you can handle the impact it has on your body and be able to react to changes in speed, balance, and elevation.  Once you do that, …

10 Skateboard Gift Ideas for Your Friends

skateboard gear 1

If you want to gift skateboards to your friends who love skating then it would be a great idea.

Give Skateboard as a Gift:

The perfect gift that you can give to skaters is skateboards. Skateboards are accessible in different styles and quality. The price should not be an issue if you are going for quality but still the price of these skateboards also varies. These boards are selling up to $120 but these are also available in less price. …

Choosing and maintaining skateboard wheels


Skateboards Australia is considered to be durable because of their reliable and long running skateboard wheels. The very mandatory precaution that you ought to keep in mind while buying a long board Australia skateboards is to keep a sharp eye on its wheel because these are the wheels that give your ride a long run.

Some mandatory precautions you ought to keep in mind while choosing a long board Australia skateboards wheels:

While choosing long board Australia skateboards wheels, you …

10 Top Best Skaters of All Time


It is very nice to have famous skaters to look up to. There are some guys that became true legends when it comes to skating. These skaters are great, especially when it comes to showing new skaters that it is always possible to become a star. These guys are great examples! Let’s know more about the top 10 best skaters of all time! You will certainly love to watch them!

  • Tony Hawk – perhaps the most famous name in skating

Best Longboard – What are the Top Best Longboards?


When you look for a longboard you are certainly searching for the best one right?! Well, sometimes finding the best longboard is a matter of taste, however there are some items that you can have as a reference. There are certain longboards skateboard that will certainly add up to your collection! Get to know them in this article! Happy shopping for the best longboards! Here is a small list of the top longboards available in the market today.


Are You Looking For Blank Skateboards?


There are several types of blank skateboards available. If you are looking for something that you can ride without having to put one together, then your best bet is a complete skateboard. These are really good skateboards. They come prepackaged with a blank deck, blank wheels, blank trucks, hardware and grip tape. These types of blanks skateboards are very durable. You can get blank skateboards in just about any color you can think of. It really depends on what …

What’s the best way to learn how to snowboard?

seth hill2

Your longboard to snowboard is not enough when it comes to learning! It is important to keep in mind that snowboarding is one of the hardest sports to learn – but not impossible! This is addictive, fun and very stylish to say the least! In order for you to learn how to snowboard there are a few steps that should be followed – previously, during and afterwards! Ensure you do it right from the very beginning, read these tips and …

How to Fit Snowboard Boots

Ski Boot Fitting

Choosing the right boots to snowboard can be quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner. Although some people make some small mistakes sometimes, it is possible to buy the perfect boots right away. In order for you to find the right set for you it is important that you understand a few things first. Keep on reading and learn how to buy the perfect snowboarding boots for you!

The right fit – Although this might seem obvious for …

Getting Ready to Snowboard: A List of the Essential Items You’ll Need


Snowboarding is not a sport that can be done without any safety equipment. Although it might seem like something simple, however it is not. Every year dozens of people all over the world die because of their lack of safety while skateboarding. There is much more than the skate board to worry about. It is necessary to consider several other expenses other than the board itself. People need to have the right clothing, the right board and also the right …

Tips on Finding the Right Snowboarding Clothing


Snowboarding clothing is one of the most important things when you are out buying snowboarding equipment. Without the right clothing, you will be miserable, and end up either going home, or spending most of your winter snowboarding trip in the lodge instead of enjoying time on the slopes. While many people think that thermal underwear is enough, buying the right snowboarding clothing is just as important.

Snowboarding clothing is an important part of snowboarding equipment, and should be on the …

Before you begin throwing yourself and your skates on the snow it is essential that you dress accordingly. Snowboarding usually happens while temperatures are below zero, so make sure you are warm enough not to undergo any risks. Keep warm and also invest in high quality safety gear, this can save your life!